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More than half a million people with cancer will die this year; our mission is to be your one source to improve people's health and lives. 

From hundreds of preclinical tumor models and cell line assays to oncology clinical trials and post-market studies, we can help you get your next breakthrough cancer drug or precision medicine treatment to those who desperately need it.


We're committed to helping you and your loved ones find personalized cancer care options. That's why we teamed up with WIRED Brand Lab to show how our simple blood test is making targeted cancer therapies more accessible. Produced by WIRED Brand Lab with Labcorp.


In the last five years, our expertise, insights and market impact have been demonstrated in excess of 975 oncology studies (300 in immuno-oncology) across nearly 19,000 sites in 83 countries with more than 104,000 oncology patients. 

Embrace a personalized medicine approach that targets therapies to specific subsets of patients and begins in the preclinical phase of drug development. 

Utilize biomarkers in clinical oncology development to provide key data for earlier decision making as well as patient and site selection


Codevelop a drug with oncology companion diagnostics to help identify patients most likely to benefit from your next cancer breakthrough

Preclinical immunotherapy

業界はimmuno-oncology に様々な角度からアプローチしています。したがって、関連性があり、適切なエンドポイントを含む最適な生物動態を簡潔に説明できるモデルの判別、開発、そして改良が求められています。

Precision medicine and clinical trials

治験のプレシジョンメディシンにおいて進歩を遂げるには、最適な治療法を迅速にテストし、最適な人物に的を絞る新規の方法が求められています。 In addition to dozens of late-stage immuno-oncology clinical trials, we have also supported more than 70% of all FDA-approved companion diagnostic products. 

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