Advance your ocular therapies with the only full-service contract research organization to offer personalized ophthalmic drug development services that span the entire continuum from discovery and preclinical to clinical trials and post-market follow-up studies. 

Whether you need support with anterior or posterior segments, rare ocular diseases, gene therapies or ophthalmic devices and diagnostics, we know how to optimize your ophthalmic development.


  • Rely on our ophthalmic staff’s deep scientific and regulatory experience from delivering more than 100 global, patient-centric ophthalmology clinical trials for emerging biotech companies over the last five years

  • Work with renowned vision scientists as part of our more than 30-year relationship with Ocular Services on Demand (OSOD) to handle your preclinical ocular needs and deliver specialized expertise in the ocular surface and anterior and posterior segments

  • Enable intelligent patient recruitment with advanced data and increase your efficiencies with our established relationships with more than 2,000 global sites

Extend your ophthalmic team’s expertise with a full-service collaboration

患者様のニーズを意思決定の最優先事項にして眼科医薬品開発プログラムを成功させようとするときには、経験が重要になってきます。ラボコープはこの 5 年間、新興および中規模のバイオテクノロジー企業に柔軟なソリューションを提供し、その専門知識と洞察で 100 件以上の眼科臨床研究に貢献してきました。

さまざまな部門にまたがるサポートとカスタマイズされた戦略によって、開発スケジュールの迅速化、問題の予測・防止を図り、眼科医薬品の市場投入を成功に導きます。 Together, our robust partnership can help your team improve patient lives faster.


You may need toxicology (good laboratory practices and non-good laboratory practices), tissue distribution/pharmacokinetics and pharmacology to support your ophthalmology preclinical research. 当社は、眼表面と前眼部、後眼部それぞれの違いを理解しており、緑内障、ドライアイ、ブドウ膜炎、アレルギー、網膜疾患など複数の眼疾患領域の専門知識を提供することができます。

また、当社にはすべての医薬品 / 治療クラスを扱った経験があり、OSOD とも業務提携しているため、数多くのモデルで眼球からの投与経路を提案することができ、前臨床のプロセスで役に立ちます。




  • Accelerate patient recruitment and site identification – Access our de-identified lab results and patient intelligence data to help identify patient clusters to evaluate inclusion/exclusion criteria, pressure-test protocols and help locate patients near proven, experienced investigator sites that are part of our tracked and trusted network
  • 科学および規制に関するサポート - 当社の​​​​​​​規制とビジネス両面のガイダンスが貴社のチームの能力を拡大します。 Count on our extensive experience in assisting both small biotech and large pharmaceutical companies to help you achieve your strategic goals
  • Apply flexible, integrated delivery models – Whether you need to apply decentralized clinical trial approaches to mitigate delivery risks or take advantage of our full service or functional service provider models, we can work together to optimize your delivery

当社では、お客様のご希望やプロジェクトのニーズに合わせてサービス内容を調整します。これらの包括的なフルサービスソリューションをぜひご活用ください。お客様のプロジェクトの中間目標やデータは、当社が Xcellerate®  インフォマティクススイートで追跡いたします。

Delivering expertise with OSOD

高く評価されている世界の眼科サイエンティスト 40 名以上が名を連ねるコンソーシアムを味方に、眼科プログラムを前進させましょう。 Since 1999, we have worked with OSOD to help both emerging biotechs and large pharmaceutical companies work with vision science experts, such as board-certified veterinary ophthalmologists, electrophysiologists (for electroretinograms), veterinary and physician pathologists, clinicians and professional ocular photographers, as well as basic scientists in a wide range of ocular science areas.

Your team will receive unsurpassed vision science consulting—spanning study design, data acquisition/interpretation, clinical translation and regulatory strategies—and benefit from state-of-the-art instrumentation for comprehensive descriptive and functional evaluation of your endpoints. 

Optimizing your trials and focusing on the path to commercialization

眼表面 / 前眼部研究ソリューション





Supporting a rapidly growing biotech with a unique ocular gene therapy



With a strategy tailored to your ocular disease indication, our holistic approach starts with established site relationships to find the strongest high-performing sites for your study and leverage existing agreements to expedite start up. We can also analyze our proprietary Labcorp deidentified data and filter by ICD10 diagnostic codes to geolocate patient populations closest to your sites. 当社の主題専門家からなる専任チームがお客様と連携し、これまで当社が眼科治験の経験で学んだベストプラクティスを組み込んだ、包括的かつデータに基づいた施設および患者様のエンゲージメント戦略をご提案します。

治験が始まった後は、眼疾患治験管理チームがお客様との緊密な意思疎通、連携を図ります。 We work to identify certified vendors that perform visual acuity assessments and central reads of the ocular imaging and use our highly flexible, in-house clinical platform for electronic patient-reported outcome so you can receive high-quality data and stay connected to the progress of your program.

Intelligent recruitment, inspiring science and integrated delivery

Advance your study with a contract research organization that provides clinical, scientific, regulatory and operational perspectives coupled with ophthalmic experienced teams that keep the patient at the forefront of your design decisions.施設の選定から患者様のリクルート戦略、質の高いデータの生成まで、当社は患者様と施設の負担を抑え、リスクを低減しながら、プログラム全体のプロセスを最適化するお手伝いをいたします。


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